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Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program

The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts Learning Program is a teaching partnership between highly qualified arts specialists and classroom teachers in Utah elementary schools. The arts specialist works collaboratively with the regular classroom teacher to deliver quality, sequential, and developmental arts instruction in alignment with the state Fine Arts Core Curriculum. Arts integration provides students with a deeper level of understanding in grade-level core content, and enriches the learning experience for both students and teachers.

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Meet our Theatre teacher-

Hello! I'm Becca Stevens. I graduated from Brigham Young University last year with my degree in Theatre Arts Education. I've spent the last year teaching English abroad in Taiwan; I love to travel! I have also lived in Italy as an au pair and studied abroad in London. But I'm excited to be back home in Utah teaching my favorite subject! I think there is room for everyone in theatre. This year, I hope to help the students get excited about socioemotional learning and about creating. It's important to gain empathy for others and validation for oneself through stories. Theatre is the perfect place to investigate stories and the feelings that come with them. In class, we will not only talk about the foundations of drama, we will talk about why it matters. Our students deserve to feel heard and understood and to find joy in expressing themselves.


Support the Theatre Program / Theatre Club.

Would you like to help support the Theatre program? We are always accepting donations!
Items always needed:
1. Any costumes for students in grades 1st-6th. This range is from toddler sizes to adult sizes.
2. Undershirts/tank tops/biker shorts for students in grades k-6. These articles are often worn under the costume to help facilitate costume changes and protect the students from itchy costumes.
3. Artificial trees and foliage.
4. Hats/ Wigs/ Plastic Food/ A baby doll
5. Sewing scissors, Sewing scissors
6. Sewing scissors, bobby pins and safety pins