Parent Teacher Student Association

T.O. Smith community,

The T.O. Smith Elementary PTSA is important because we add programs and activities throughout the school year that enhance the curriculum, community involvement and relationships.

The PTSA works to build our library, help our counselor with anti-bullying programs and raise money to pay for field trips. We would also like to strengthen our watchdog program and help with recess supervision.

T.O. Smith Elementary School PTA works hard to give your children a wonderful experience within the school and at many of our extra curricular activities. Below is a list of the many things PTSA does for your school:

Carnival Field Day


Safety Walk

Book Fairs

Citizen of the Month



Terrific Tiger

Class Parties

Weekly Fluoride

Class Field

Extra Curricular

Dinner for Teachers at
Parent/Teacher Conferences


We care about the students at T. O. Smith Elementary and want to help where we can. It is important to us to work closely with the principal and to help where we can. Based on what is needed our duties change year to year but our mission is always to assist and help for the good of the students and faculty.

              • To develop closer connections between school and home by encouraging parent involvement.
              • To enhance the educational experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities.
              • To improve the environment at our school by providing volunteer support.

T.O. Smith PTSA Agenda/Minutes

Next meeting :

January 2017

January 2017- PTA Minutes

From: Tonya Glover

Date: January 23, 2017 at 4:46:55 PM MST

To: Audrey Merrill Subject: mins for January

Budget- we still have money out from the chocolates, phone calls will be made the first of Feb., Jenny will get the phone number from the office. Box top store- next date? Arctic circle- 10 percent goes to our school, arctic circle will give us flyers to send out and well also do a robo call. Fluoride Jan-jenny Feb Ivan March jenny Thank you for all those that have helped!!!! Recess- if anyone is interested we always need help contact school counselor. Citizen of the month-Amanda Grant- art grant Mrs. Cooper going to ask a few teachers if there interested in it Talent show- Mrs. Buck and Mrs. cooper is going to talk to teachers about putting it on. Bike rodeo- No Bike rodeo unless someone wants to head it up. Book fair- deciding if we want to do another this yr.

Assignments :

  • Jenny numbers the missing chocolate
  • Tonya fluoride
  • Jenny valentines stuff Tonya will help

September 2017

Minutes: EXECUTIVE PTA Meeting September 11, 2017

Members in Attendance:

Audrey Merrill, Jennifer Hancock, Amanda Carroll, Mariah Murray

Bond Meeting: September 13th, 2017 at 7:00 at T.O. Smith Elementary.

Packets: Due September 15th. Need to plan a day for counting new memberships.

Faculty Meeting: September 19th after school, about 3:15. Jenny to attend and represent the

PTA. Jenny will discuss: Field trips and bring membership envelops to pass out, citizen of the

month and will supply a list of fundraising ideas.

Watchdogs: September 21st at 6:30. Food provided is yet to be determined, thoughts on

doing pizza. Need volunteers to help pass out information. Dads and kids are invited. Need

to supply flyers to be passed out and also need to do a Robo call. Amanda to be in touch with

Ivan to further the event.

Box Top Store: September 22nd at 3:00 PM by the school library. Audrey will be making signs

to post around the school to advertise. Audrey, Jenny and Mariah will be there to help.

Fundraiser Assembly: October 2nd, at 2:15. Holly Beck is to plan the event. Jenny to double

check on the available tech necessary. Jenny assembling packets to handout to teachers.

Ivan to translate flyers for the event. The fundraiser will run from the 2nd to the 16th.

Book Fair: October 4-6 during Parent Teacher Conferences in the library. Audrey to email

information. Amanda Carroll to coordinate the event. Need volunteers, approximately 4 per

day in 2 hour shifts. Book fair runs from 3:00-7:00 on Wednesday and Thursday and 1:00-5:00

on Friday. Ideas on having a Jr. team of students to do “book talks” during the fair to help

encourage sales. Also Peer Leaders to announce Book Fair details in morning

announcements. Making flyers if needed to include that Book Fair profit goes to help the

library. Checking on tax-exempt status of sales. Make a volunteer sign up and calling PTA

members to see who can help where/if needed.

Trunk or Treat: October 27th from 5:00PM-6:00 PM. Prizes for teachers with the best trunk.

PTA to also have a trunk. Terry Humphries will announce the winner on Monday. PTA will mark

tallies as students exit the trunk or treat to count and verify the teacher with the most points.

Class Halloween Party: Tuesday, October 31st. Jenny to order donuts and apple juice. Need

cups. There were 2 volunteers who signed up to help with this event.

Room Helpers: Email to be sent to teachers to encourage them to contact and use those who

have signed up to help in their classrooms.

Citizen of the Month: Teachers will be emailed the week before to remind them about citizen

of the month, then will also be given another reminder 2 days before the assembly. Free

sunday’s from sonic as prizes for citizen of the month.

Library Equipment: $2200

Send Board Email: To be done by Audrey.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018:

Book Fairs: Amanda Carroll

Box Tops for Education/Store: Audrey Merrill

Citizen of the Month: Jenny Hancock

Class Parties: Jenny Hancock (Valentine’s and Halloween)

Fall Carnival: Audrey Merrill

Field Day-???

Fundraiser: Jenny Hancock

Membership: Mariah Murray

Parent/Teacher Conference Dinners: Amy Beus

Recess: Tonya Glover

Ribbon Week: Alma Candido


School T-Shirt Orders: Audrey Merrill

Social Media: Tanner Koons, Audrey Merrill

Talent Show: Ivan Carroll

Teacher Appreciation Week: Amy Beus

Trunk or Treat: Alma Candido

W.A.T.C.H. Dogs: Ivan Carroll

October 2017

Minutes: PTA Meeting 10/13/2017

Members in Attendance: Mariah Murray, Amanda Carroll, Ivan Carroll, Jenny Hancock, Alma Candido, Audrey Merrill, Ragan Shupe.

Fundraiser: Due Monday, October 16th. Jenny will need help counting Monday morning and Monday afternoon after school. Room Rep. Info.: Audrey to take care of it.

Trunk or Treat: 10/27 5pm-6pm. Audrey will be candy runner. Still need more candy. We have 21 trunks, PTA trunk is included in the 21 count. Ivan to decorate for the PTA trunk. We will give out “Thank You’s” and gifts for those who participated in decorating trunks. Trunk participants include teachers, staff assistants, some community organizations and the PTA.

Red Ribbon Week: 10/23-10/27. Stickers at lunch time from 10:45-12:30 for 3 days. Alma needs help on Tuesday and Friday. Amanda will help on Tuesday and Ragan will help on Friday.

Class Halloween Party: Tuesday 10/31. Jenny to delegate what help she needs. 550 donuts ordered, 64 oz bottles of juice. We have cups and napkins. Bond Fliers: Passing them out in the T.O. Smith area. Asking Audrey to ask Tanner Koons to see if he knows any organizations who need to do service or need volunteer hours. Also asking the Ogden High football team to help. Jenny checking on the availability of scouts to help out. Audrey will make a boundary map.

Budget: Book Fair: Total $1420.37. Payment and books kept with scholastic dollars =$481.50 to shop with for library. The librarian needs to help choose what books we need. MUST be hard bound books. We need more Spanish books. Amanda to help librarian decided. We will send “Thank You’s” to all those who volunteered to help at the book fair (candy bars with a card.)

Reimbursements: Amy Beus-PTC dinner. Amanda Carroll-Book Fair. Audrey Merrill Meeting snacks. Please give this info to Jenny Hancock for budgeting purposes.

Membership: Board Email. Volunteer Hours: Need to start a log so we can maintain our tax exempt status. There is a volunteer log in the school office.

Membership cards: Mariah to send out. Other items discussed: Region said there are Utah PTA awards. Submissions are due in February. If there is anyone in the PTA who you’d like to nominate go to and search for awards and fill out the application. Who is on the community council? They meet the 2nd Tuesday of every month at 3:30 at T.O. Smith Elementary. Alma Candido will attend.

Talent Show: Would like to begin announcing early, around December. Talent show will be held March 8th.

T-Shirts: Arriving by the end of the month.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018:

Book Fairs- Amanda Carroll

Citizen of the Month- Jenny Hancock

Fall Carnival- Audrey Merrill

Fundraiser-Jenny Hancock

PTC Dinners- Amy Beus

School T-Shirts- Audrey Merrill

Talent Show-Ivan Carroll

Trunk or Treat-Alma Candido

Box Tops for Education/Store-Audrey Merrill Class Parties-Jenny Hancock

Field Day Membership- Mariah Murray

Ribbon Week- Alma Candido

Social Media-Tanner Koons, Audrey Merrill Teacher Appreciation Week-Amy Beus

W.A.T.C.H. Dogs-Ivan Carroll

January 2018

PTA Meeting Minutes 1/25/2018


• Amanda-help Amber get library books.

Amanda give Citizen of the Month certificates to teachers & SPED: Jenny may have some. Amanda has a manilla folder with 5 or 6 copies. Start it up again next year?? Up to Jenny and Amanda to continue. Alma may have some student of the month certs.

• Audrey set up Article Circle Night: February 7th…Alma to email Audrey when flyers come. Alma has monthly flyer with boxtops dates and Article Circle dates on it.

• Ivan-Talent Show Flyers: April 19th…Ivan made flyers, they look good. Auditions to be held before Spring Break end of March 22nd and 23rd right after school in the gym ….parent permission form to sign that kid will come to the audition and what they will be auditioning. Sign up by the office. 10 minute increments. Put up sign ups the week before. Talent show open to teachers as well. Can we sell anything???Something free??? Concessions? Grab a treat on your way out? Sell some t-shirts before it starts. Give a certificate for participation. York Peppermint Patty Medal, a little candy bar?


• Arctic Circle Night 2/7

• Valentine’s Day 2/14 Pre-iced cookies? Jenny to ask Kim if the kids are already getting a treat on valentines. Amanda to send email to teachers to see if they want cookies from PTA in addition to other treats received that day.

• Box Tops Store 2/23 3PM in Library • Book Fair: February 28th, March 1 and March 2nd. On early out days. NOT right after school. Wed. and Thursday start at 2:00-7:00, Friday right after school 1:00-3:00 (need 4-5 volunteers) Amanda to ask Amber to see if she’s ok that we set up early, lock library, etc. 1 person to wait by door to make sure kids leave backpacks at the door, 1 person wandering and watching, 1-2 people handling money. Mariah to help out on Friday….Alexis Lee’s Parents may be willing to help. Amanda to send us a volunteer plan.

• Talent Show-Thursday 4/19 @ 6:30 Date for Auditions _________________.

• When is Secretary’s Day/Administrative Professional? April 25th, Wednesday

• School Counselor Week: First full week of February. Only 1 counselor Anna Lee Peterson.

• Count


• Board Email • Volunteer Hours need for Feb 1. Any hours from Nov.1-present. Mariah to check volunteer log.

• Membership Cards


• Need to have one. We need a nominating committee: Jenny, Amanda, Alma. When?

• Open Positions:

• By-Laws

• Someone to take over W.A.T.C.H Dogs next year.

Committee Chairs 2017-2018

• Need to consider changing the chair rep for the following or discontinue the activity:

Citizen of the Month

Talent Show W.A.T.C.H.



• PTC dinners are Wednesday, Amy Beus will do Thursday. Pupusas with a fruit bowl?

• PTA liaison of Field Day-Ragan Shupe? Make sure Mary Belnap (the PE teacher) has people there and money to use.

• PTA Conference: Audrey, Jenny, Mariah Utah Valley Convention Center. 9-4 each day.

Leadership Convention

• May 23-24 Utah Vallley Convention Center Provo

February 2018

PTA Minutes 2/16/18


  • Amanda give Citizen of the Month certificates to teachers & SPED Jenny & Amanda will find, Alma will look
  • Amanda will get with Amber to order books ($481.50) they have them picked out
  • Nominating committee will get vote together for March


  • 2/23 Box Tops Store - Audrey, 3pm by the library Who can help? Robocall 2/22 Mariah, Amanda. Alma to set up call.
  • Book Fair - Amanda will start calling for helpers next week. Options to call: Alexis Lee’s grandparents. Have 6th graders help again. 11 Latino’s’ in action will come help as well. Alma to coordinate with Amanda. Who has signed consent form to legally handle money? Flyer in the works. Bring extra t-shirts to sell during book fair-can only use cash.
  • 2/28 2-7pm Need help at 1:00 setting up (Wednesday) Amanda to text info out when she has a schedule.

3/1 2- 7pm

3/2 1- 3pm Peer leader morning announcements - robocall 2/27

  • 3/1 Parent Teacher Conference Dinner - Amy
  • 3/19 - 3/23 Teacher Appreciation Week - Amy
  • 4/19 Talent Show - Ivan 6:30pm need to set up a robo call, probably on the 2/27. Auditions 3/22-3/23 Open to teachers Refreshments after show not during/sell shirts Oriental express trophies
  • 4/25 Secretaries/Principal Day

Nominating Committee-Amanda, Jenny, Alma. Treasurer: Ivan or Audrey

President: Ivan or Mariah

Secretary: Mariah or Ragan

Membership- Mariah

Budget- Jenny: Returned Check Issues. Tax Return came. $166 in Box Tops.

Leadership Convention- May 23-24 Utah Valley Convention Center, Provo Jenny, Mariah, Audrey, Ivan

Next Meeting:

Committee Chairs 2018-19:

  • Book Fairs - Amanda Carroll
  • Box Tops for Education/Store - Audrey Merrill
  • Citizen of the Month -
  • Class Parties - Ragan Shupe
  • Fall Carnival - Audrey Merrill
  • Field Day - Ragan Shupe
  • Fundraiser - Jenny Hancock
  • Membership - Mariah Murray
  • PTC Dinners- Amy Beus
  • Ribbon Week -Alma Candido
  • School T-Shirts- Audrey Merrill
  • Social Media - Tanner Koons, Mariah Murray
  • Talent Show - Ivan Carroll Teacher
  • Appreciation Week - Amy Beus
  • Trunk or Treat - Alma Candido
  • W.A.T.C.H. Dogs - Paul Shupe

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