Parent Teacher Student Association

T.O. Smith community,

The T.O. Smith Elementary PTSA is important because we add programs and activities throughout the school year that enhance the curriculum, community involvement and relationships.

The PTSA works to build our library, help our counselor with anti-bullying programs and raise money to pay for field trips. We would also like to strengthen our watchdog program and help with recess supervision.

T.O. Smith Elementary School PTA works hard to give your children a wonderful experience within the school and at many of our extra curricular activities. Below is a list of the many things PTSA does for your school:

Carnival Field Day


Safety Walk

Book Fairs

Citizen of the Month



Terrific Tiger

Class Parties

Weekly Fluoride

Class Field

Extra Curricular

Dinner for Teachers at
Parent/Teacher Conferences


We care about the students at T. O. Smith Elementary and want to help where we can. It is important to us to work closely with the principal and to help where we can. Based on what is needed our duties change year to year but our mission is always to assist and help for the good of the students and faculty.

              • To develop closer connections between school and home by encouraging parent involvement.
              • To enhance the educational experience by supporting academic and enrichment activities.
              • To improve the environment at our school by providing volunteer support.

T.O. Smith PTSA Agenda/Minutes


Next meeting : November 15th
Time: 3:30
Location: Library




T.O. Smith Elementary PTA Board Meeting Minutes

Thursday, August 30, 2013, 7:00 PM

T.O. Smith Elementary


Members Present: Amanda Carroll, Mariah Murray, Tanner Koons, Jennifer Hancock, Tracy Batchelor, Johannah Stutz, Crystal Buck, Donna Hogge, Miranda Royer, Leanne Rich, Ragan Shupe, Audrey Merrill, Ivan Carroll


President Report:  Given by Amanda Carroll.

  • Opened meeting, made introductions and welcomed those present.

  • Explained what the PTA is and does, how much it costs to be a member.


Secretary Report: Given by Mariah Murray.

  • Explained to new members and others present where they can view the minutes:  in email and on the bulletin board at the school.

  • Issued membership cards to those who purchased memberships that evening.


Treasurer’s Report: Given by Ragan Shupe.

  • Passed out a copy of the current budget for reviewal and to be approved by board members.

  • Ivan Carroll motioned YES to approve the budget and Jenny Hancock 2nd that motion. All in favor.

  • Discussion on whether or not we should implement the use of Square to take electronic/card purchases.  Insurance is approximately $100.00. Could use Square for carnival purchases and membership dues.

  • Tanner Koons motioned YES to use Square for 1 year and Crystal Buck 2nd that motion.  All in favor.


Officer and Commissioner Reports:

  • Fundraiser Committee Chair: Given by Jenny Hancock.

    • World’s Finest Chocolate will be our vendor for the fundraiser.

    • There will be keychain prizes of superheros and 2 tablets as incentives.

    • Tanner has a giant Pikachu to visit different classrooms as motivation...he needs to find it.

    • Jenny will need help before and after school for the 2 weeks the fundraiser is going on.  Will need help collecting money and handing out boxes.

  • Carnival Committee Chair: Given by Audrey Merrill.

    • Carnival is Thursday, September 13th from 4:30-7:30

    • Would like to get the Carnival dates and info on the marquee.

    • Would like to do a robo-call to get word out.

    • Would like to have PTA table to help/encourage more people to join the PTA.

  • Box Top Committee Chair: Given by Audrey Merrill.

    • Set a date for the first Box Top store: Wednesday, October 10th right after school.  This date was chosen because it coincides with Parent Teacher Conferences. Hopefully it will help make parents aware of what the Box Top store is and how it works.




  • President-Amanda Carroll:

  • President Elect-Audrey Merrill: Gear up for Carnival and Box Top store. Contact those who will be helping.  Mariah Murray to help at Box Top store in October.

  • Treasurer-Ragan Shupe: Look into insurance for Square.

  • Secretary-Mariah Murray: Mail out/deliver membership cards to new members.

  • Fundraiser Committee Chair-Jenny Hancock: Gear up for fundraiser.  Contact those who will be helping.

  • Family Specialist-Tanner Koons: Find giant Pikachu


Other Topics of Discussion:

  • None


Calendar of events for the month:

September 13: School Carnival, 4:30-7:30 pm.

September 24: Fundraiser kick off assemblies; 1-1:45 pm (4th-6th grade), 2:15-2:45 pm (K-3rd).

September 24-October 5: Fundraiser.

October 10: Box Top store, 3-3:30 pm.

October 10-12: Parent Teacher Conferences.

October 10-12: Scholastic Book Fair.

October 25: Trunk or Treat.


Committee Chairs:

  1. Book Fair: Amanda Carroll

  2. Box Tops: Audrey Merrill

  3. Bulletin Board: Amanda Carroll

  4. Fall Carnival: Audrey Merrill

  5. Field Day: _______________

  6. Membership: Mariah Murray

  7. P/T Conf. Dinners:  Amy Beus

  8. Reflections: Ragan Shupe

  9. Ribbon Week: Alma Candido

  10. School Shirts: Audrey Merrill

  11. Social Media: Tanner Koons & Mariah Murray

  12. Talent Show: Ivan Carroll

  13. Teacher Appreciation Week: Amy Beus

  14. Trunk-or-Treat: Alma Candido

  15. Watch D.O.G.S: Paul Shupe

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T.O. Smith PTSA
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  • President:
    Ivan Carroll

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