Community Council

Parent involvement is very important to student academic achievement. By serving on the school council, parents have the opportunity to collaborate with other parents, teachers and the principal to set and achieve school goals. Parents are rewarded with a better understanding of the educational process and have the opportunity to develop relationships with school leadership. A parent always serves as chair of the council. Parents make up the majority of the council and are often the driving force in how School LAND Trust funds are spent.

La participación de los padres es muy importante para el logro académico del estudiante. Al servir en el consejo de la escuela, los padres tienen la oportunidad de colaborar con otros padres, maestros y el director para establecer y alcanzar las metas de la escuela. Los padres son recompensados con una mejor comprensión del proceso educativo y tienen la oportunidad de desarrollar relaciones con el liderazgo escolar. Un padre siempre sirve como presidente del consejo. Los padres constituyen la mayoría del consejo y son a menudo la fuerza impulsora en cómo se gastan los fondos fiduciarios de la escuela LAND.



Name Email Phone Position
MacKenzie Largent 801-737-8373 Teacher
Alma Candido 801-737-8353 Parent
Lindsi Bernal 385-626-5602 Parent
Shawn Console


385-389-4974 Parent
Co Chair
Pedro Garcia


801-458-5134 Parent Member

Keeli Espinoza  801-737-8352 Principal
Rules of Order and Procedure
Parent Involvement
Funding Allocation
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School Land Trust Annual Summary

School Land Trust Final Report 2016-2017

School Land Trust Final Report 2017-2018

This report is automatically generated from the School Plan entered in the spring of 2017 and from the District Business Administrator's data entry of the School LAND Trust expenditures in 2017-2018.  

Land Trust Report



Principal Assurance 2018-19

Community involvement is important to the Utah Legislature. It is important to the legislature that patrons know about opportunities to serve on their school community council and that elections are held properly. To assure election processes and other requirements are implemented consistent with the law and state board rule, the legislature is requiring that every principal complete this assurance prior to receiving funds from the School LAND Trust Program for the 2019-2020 school year.

Principal Assurance



Community Council Agenda/Minutes

Next Meeting : November 13 @3:30
Location: Library
  • Drop Off and Pick up procedures
  • SNAP Plan Review
  • Class sizes

November 13, 2018

October 6, 2018

Oct. 6, 2018 --3:30

Members: Alma Candido, Pedro Garcia, Lindsi Bernal, Shawn Console, McKenzie Largent, Keeli Espinoza


Absent: Pedro Garcia


Excused: Linsdi Bernal, McKenzie Largent



  • School Safety

    • SNAP survey maps to review next meeting

    • School pick up and drop off procedure


  • Land Trust Budget to be reviewed and confirmed

    • Planned expenditures 2018-19 school year totaling 57,106

    • Total allocation 59,716

    • .5 FTE to provide full day kindergarten

    • 2 staff assistants- 1 for reading intervention and assistance for coaching and mentoring

    • Proposed distribution 57,106, carryover 3,160, total 59,716



  • Other business

    • Community Bond Meeting on 10/9/18 at 7:00pm


  • Motion to adjourn- Keeli motion; Shawn second- adjourn at  4:10

    • Next meeting: Nov.13 @ 3:30 pm   

April 10, 2018

T.O. Smith Community Council Agenda

April 10, 2018

Members: Lindsi Bernal, Shawn Console, MacKenzie Largent, Alma Candido

Absent: Pedro Garcia

Guests: Dr. Rich Nye, Tanner Koons, Anna Peterson

●     Review and approve minutes - 5 minutes

a.    No additions or corrections

b.    Lindsi - motion to approve

c.    Shawn - second

●     We amended the agenda to accommodate the Superintendent

a.    There is a proposed amendment before USBE to allow the use of Land Trust funds for social/emotional support such as behavior interventionists, attendance trackers, etc.

b.    OSD Board voted to postpone plans for school consolidation for the coming school year.  The Board is forming a Bond Advisory committee and would like a participant from every school community to broaden the voice. 

■     Shawn Console volunteered to participate.  Terry will forward his name to the Superintendent.

c.    Additional discussion on how to educate our community of the need to make their voices heard through voting.  MacKenzie made a motion to table the discussion until our next meeting. Shawn seconded.  Discussion was tabled until May 15.

●     Budget

a.    We have received an updated preliminary allocation from the State.  Our allocation is $56,557.

b.    Our proposal for the extra distribution will be included in our proposed plan.

●     18-19 Plan

a.    Reviewed our proposed goals and associated expenditures

■     Goal #1 - Kindergarten proficiency in reading and math

●     .5 FTE for Kindergarten - $32,963

■     Goal #2 - Language proficiency in Dual Immersion target language

●     4 hour staff assistant for target language classrooms - $10,386

■     Goal #3 - Reading proficiency 1st - 3rd grade

●     4.5 hour staff assistant for Tier 3 instruction with students not reading at benchmark - $22,336

■     Increased Distribution

●     Additional staff assistant hours to provide intensive Tier 3 reading instruction and differentiated instruction in Kindergarten literacy.

●     Other business

a.    No other business proposed

●     Motion to adjourn -

a.    Shawn motion to adjourn

b.    Lindsi second

c.    Meeting adjourned 4:12

●     Next meeting: May 15 @ 3:30 p.m.

March 13, 2018

T.O. Smith Community Council Agenda

March 13, 2018

Members: Alma Candido, Shawn Console, Lindsi Bernal, Terry Humphreys,

MacKenzie Largent

Absent: Pedro Garcia

Guest: Tanner Koons

●     Review and approve minutes - 5 minutes

a.    Lindsi motion to approve with no additions or corrections

b.    Shawn second

  1. Budget & Progress Report
    1. Our expected distribution for 2018-2019 is $53,506.00.  We have an estimated carryover of $1,522 for a total of $55, 028.00
  2. Proposed 18-19 Plan
    1. $32,963.00 for a .5 FTE for to continue providing full day Kindergarten for all student to improve reading.
    2. $21,721.00 for a 4 hr. Spanish speaking staff assistant for Dual Immersion program to provide additional target language practice in Spanish classroom and a 4.5 hr. Instructional staff assistant to provide Tier 3 reading interventions.
    3. Ideas for additional money if available
      1. 2 hr. per week attendance tracker
      2. Additional hours for ERI staff assistants to provide differentiated instruction in Kindergarten literacy.
    4. Terry will draft the plan for review/revision and approval at next CC meeting.

●     Motion to adjourn -

a.    Lindsi - 4:25 p.m.

b.    Shawn second

●     Next meeting: April 10 @ 3:30 p.m.




January 9, 2018

T.O. Smith Community Council Agenda

Jan. 9, 2018

Members: Alma Candido, Shawn Console, Lindsi Bernal, Terry Humphreys,

MacKenzie Largent

Absent: Pedro Garcia

●     Review and approve minutes - 5 minutes

a.    Shawn motion to approve

b.    Lindsi second

●     Budget

○     Hired an instructional staff assistant to replace one that resigned in Dec.  She only wanted to work 4-5 hours per day instead of the 5.9 posted.  That should save us some money so that we will not go over budget.

○     We should have some preliminary numbers for next year’s budget by next month.

●     Other Business

○     Angela and Terry did not get the proposal for schedule change ready for this meeting.  Tabled until next meeting.

○     Discussed options to improve the building in light of the bond not passing.

●     Motion to adjourn -

a.    Mackenzie motion to adjourn

b.    Lindsi seconded 4:05 p.m.

●     Next meeting: Feb. 13 @ 3:30 p.m


December 12, 2017

T.O. Smith Community Council Agenda

Dec. 12,  2017

Members: Alma Candido, Terry Humphreys, MacKenzie Largent

Excused: Shawn Console, Pedro Garcia

Absent: Lindsi Bernal

●     Review and approve minutes

a.    Motion to approve MacKenzie 2nd Alma

●     18-19

○     Staffing

■     We are not allowed to fund a counselor out of Land Trust.  We will work with the district to fund .5 Counselor out of Title I

○     Schedule change for next year

■     Will need to submit proposal to Superintendent for approval

●     MacKenzie proposed Tuesday instead of Wednesday so that we don’t lose PLC time on Deep Data Dive days

●     Angela and Terry will draft proposal and have for next meeting.

●     Emergency Plans

○     $1000 came out of Basic to update emergency kits and provide temporary bathroom facilities for the portables.

○     We can apply for a grant from the foundation next year for suitcases

■     We also will send out a flyer to parents asking for donations of old suitcases.

●     Other Business

○     We will be short about $3,000 in Land Trust

■     District will work with Title to make up the difference

●     5.9 hr. Staff assistant has resigned effective Dec. 15

●     Position posted and will rehire

●     Motion to adjourn - Alma MacKenzie 2nd meeting adjourned 4:00 p.m.

●     Next meeting: Jan. 9 @ 3:30 p.m.




November 14, 2017

T.O. Smith Community Council Minutes

Nov. 14,  2017Members present: Alma Candido, Shawn Console, Lindsi Bernal, Terry Humphreys, MacKenzie Largent

Absent: Pedro Garcia

●     Review and approve minutes - 5 minutes

a.    Correction to Oct. 10 minutes

                                      i.        Adjourned at 4:30

●     18-19

○     Staffing

■     Counselor

●     The grant that funds part of the counselor will run out this year.

○     Discussion: given the social-emotional needs of our student population a full-time counselor is essential.  We will look at funding a full-time counselor through Land Trust if necessary for the 18-19 school year.

○     Schedule Change

■     Discussion: Proposing an early release day on Wednesdays next year to allow all PLCs to meet at the same time.  This will help with vertical alignment and cross-grade collaboration and will allow teachers to work with specialists to manage student behavior during Guidance, P.E. and Library rotations.

●     Motion to change schedule for 18-19 school year - Lindsi

○     2nd Shawn

○     Vote: unanimous

●     Emergency Plans

○     We have secured an MOU with the LDS church to allow use of nearby ward in the event of an off-site evacuation.  Safety committee will review existing plan and schedule a practice drill with faculty after Winter break.

■     Discussion: how best to manage reunification.  We will print family report weekly and profiles with emergency contact numbers monthly.

○     We need approximately $1000 to replace out-dated supplies in classroom emergency kits and to supply portable classrooms with temporary bathroom facilities.  There are no district funds available for that purpose.

■     Discussion: can we do a Donor’s Choose to fund the kits?  We would also like to replace duffle bags with rolling suitcases to make it easier to transport the kits as they are quite heavy.

●     Other Business

○     17-18 allotment - $51,369 carryover - $5,659 Total 58, 455

■     We will be short $1,427

●     Discussion: fund from other budgets - Title or Basic?  Tabled until more information available after Terry meets with district Land Trust staff.

●     Motion to adjourn - Shawn Lindsi second - meeting adjourned 4:15 p.m.

●     Next meeting: Dec. 12 @ 3:30 p.m.

October 10, 2017

T.O. Smith Community Council Agenda

Oct. 10, 2017

Members: Alma Candido, Pedro Garcia, Lindsi Bernal, Shawn Console, Terry Humphreys, MacKenzie Largent

Absent: Excused: Alma Candido

Guests: Jer Bates

●     Bond Update

○     T.O. Smith is second in line to be rebuilt if bond passes

○     Current plan is to build on existing site

●     Role of Community Council

○     Chair - Lindsi Bernal

○     Co Chair - Shawn Console

●     Rules of Order and Procedure

●     Meeting Schedule

○     2nd Tuesday of the Month 3:30

●     16-17 Expenditures

○     Planned expenditures totaling 42,276

○     Actual expenditures were about 38,000 as we paid for professional development from Title IIA & K-3 Reading funds

○     Council voted to amend the plan in November, 2016 and hire a staff assistant to provide Tier 3 reading intervention and assistance to teacher leaders providing coaching and mentoring

●     17-18 Planned Expenditures

○     Reviewed current plan

■     2 staff assistants - 1 for reading intervention and assistance for coaching and mentoring

■     .5 Kinder teacher for full day kindergarten

■     Proposed distribution 54,321 carryover 4,134 total 58,455

●     Estimated expenditures 58,095

●     Other Business

○     none

●     Motion to adjourn - MacKenzie motion Lindsi second adjourned at 3:30

●     Next meeting: Nov. 14 @ 3:30 p.m